Taipei-Yipin Bookstore, special theme book types, 100 TWD self-service tea and occasional speech activities

Yipin Bookstore was originally famous because the founder was very famous, and then gradually faded out of the public's field of vision. At least my understanding of it is limited to the introduction when I saw the news. I don’t have much other impressions, after all. The bookstore is not like a place I would often go to. This is not the reason why I like or dislike reading books, but its type may not be suitable for me.

Its type is not friendly to ordinary people, unless you find some partial books, or professional books, then you may have a chance to find what you want in Yipin Bookstore. Its theme type is for me. The special theme type represents the kind that I would never see in my life.

Then why would I go to Yipin Bookstore? Is it for the 100-yuan coffee, tea, and winter melon smoothie to be full? Or is it to get out of the networked world? The cell phone signal inside is not good. There is no WiFi yet, which basically brings together the worst real-world experience, but it does not limit how long you can stay.

Do you think Yipin Bookstore is a coffee shop or a bookstore? Some people will be attracted by drinking, some will be attracted by books, and some people like to take their books and find a store to sit and read quietly.

So why did I step into Yipin Bookstore? It’s because it will hold some lectures from time to time. The types of these lectures also cover various industries. Most of them are not for telling you about the style of reasoning, but for Share his life or experience with you in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

Almost every time the number of applicants is large, the evaluation of these activities organized by Yipin Bookstore is pretty good, the environment is very laid-back and comfortable, but you ask me if I usually go? The answer is no.

Yipin Bookstore Taipei Branch

Address: No. 69, Section 2, Ren'ai Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100

Phone: +886223972998



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