Food|Taiwan's famous product-Chunfu sweet potato chips,traditional ancient snacks,you can't stop eating.


There are potato chips in foreign countries and sweet potato chips in Taiwan. They have one thing in common. They can’t stop after eating them. They can’t stop eating one bite after another. This is a very evil and terrifying snack representative. Which one do you think I like? Of course, I like it as long as it is free. Just like this time, Chunfu sweet potato slices are also given by family and friends. Almost all of them are eaten by myself. I sacrifice my belly for my family, otherwise the calories will become so high and will make you fat.

Sweet potato chips are basically fried foods with a lot of powdered sugar and salt, so it’s still not recommended to eat too much. It’s good to eat it once in a while. Sweet potato itself is a good thing, but after processing, it becomes less healthy. This is still necessary. Note that it is a big trap, don't step into it, especially if you eat this kind of snack, you will want to match it with beverages, especially carbonated drinks or alcoholic beverages.

This package is about 550g. It looks very large. One package is actually very light to hold. Looking at it, it reduces the mood and complexity. This product is Chunfu sweet potato chips. There are many stores selling them. You can see its existence on Xiapi or shopping websites. There are many other brands, but it seems that many of them are from Yunlin. You can choose where to buy. But I believe that the family and friends who sent us should think If you support this seller, you will buy it to give it to your friends.

It is crispy to eat. Be careful not to eat too much at once and it may cut your mouth. Some sweet potato chips have sharp edges. Occasionally, you will eat a slightly bitter sweet potato slice. It feels related to the sweet potato ingredients, not processing. The problem is that the faint sweet potato fragrant, and the rest is powdered sugar and salt, no fuel consumption, which is why many people now reduce their traditional snacks and turn to simple sweet potato chips without too much seasoning. It is expected that in addition to satisfying the mouth addiction, it is also slightly healthier.


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