Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary EP.27-Xiao Bao in loud protest

Basically, Xiaobao has a fixed walking time every day. There are two time points in the morning and afternoon. On the one hand, exercise makes him accustomed to going to the toilet outside, so unless he is really anxious, he rarely goes to the toilet indoors now. When I was a child, my brother and I taught Xiaobao how to pee on the mat, but after taking it back to his hometown, they didn’t continuously teach it. For a while, he went to the toilet everywhere. Now he lives in a large single-family villa. Under the condition, it will be released in the field to go to the toilet almost the time.

After taking Xiaobao for a walk with them for the first time, his legs almost became weak. After walking a long circle, it was almost 2 kilometers away. Especially in the countryside, the distance felt farther, and there were many farmland nearby. It takes a long distance to see a house, Xiaobao is very excited, but the people who take the walk are not so happy, at least not me!

This can also allow Xiaobao to consume more physical energy and save him from making trouble at home and becoming a saboteur. It happened to be with them for a walk this time. After halfway through, Xiaobao suddenly became very high and uncontrollable, and always wanted to go to other people's homes. They ran in the garden, so they put Xiaobao’s rope on the fence and left to educate the little treasure. As a result, as soon as people left it, they found something was wrong, and they started jumping up and down, trying to get rid of it. At that fixed point, he kept yelling and protesting amidst his grievances.

Of course, there will be no abandonment behavior, just to trick it and make it a little safer, but it feels a bit silly and funny, and you don’t need to think about it to know that this method is completely ineffective, very Soon it became unrestrained, with great strength. Originally, we were still seeing whether the fence would be broken, but after thinking about it, wouldn’t it be necessary to compensate for the loss if it’s really broken?


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