Xindian Ankeng Delicacy-Qianlixiang Guilin Rice Noodles and Bigney Saltwater Chicken, Big Bone Boiled Soup.

Sometimes it’s really an accident to encounter delicious food. If it weren’t for visiting friends with my family, I wouldn’t have gone to Xindian Ankeng, let alone go there to find a restaurant for dinner, I don’t even remember. When is the time to go to Ankeng? I am so unfamiliar with this place. On the one hand, the transportation here is not particularly convenient. If there is no transportation, it will take a long time to take the bus, which will completely dispel the idea. Even if a friend who lives in the area invites to go there, they have to think twice before making this trip. When they arrive, they will tell the other party that they don’t know what year and month it will be next.
When we arrived in Ankeng, it was close to lunch time, so we planned to have lunch with a friend before going to sit at home. The friend took us to eat Qianlixiang Guilin rice noodles. He strongly recommended this and said that we must come and eat once before leaving. An Keng, according to him, it is delicious and convenient and has an appetizing effect. Sometimes when he has no appetite, he will come here to eat a bowl of Guilin rice noodles. It is a bit magical, and I want to say that it will not be his investment. Shop now!

In fact, I used to eat Guilin rice noodles quite often in China. I personally like it quite a bit. I can accept both the texture and the taste, but I rarely have the opportunity to eat it after returning to Taiwan. The owner of this shop is Married from Guangxi, China, and therefore thought of bringing the dishes from their hometown to Taiwan, and because the boss likes Guilin rice noodles (in my impression), they also spent a lot of time trying to restore the local taste, just the sauce. Ingredients, rice noodles, side dishes, and big bone soup base are enough for headaches. I have to find almost the same rice noodles to make. So even if it is only a small shop with only 5~6 tables in space, it is still full. Sincerity.

In addition, the boss is also selling saltwater chicken. The variety of items is quite rich. There are almost no vegetables in Guilin rice noodles. Just a little bit of matching can be made to take care of the nutritional balance. This is generally not too much expectation. Look at it. Mainly on Guilin rice noodles.

Crispy roast pork is a limited amount of their products every day, and it takes a lot of time to cook. They are all cooked and sold on the day. It is recommended to order this.

The chili oil and chopped pepper are also made by the proprietress herself, so they will recommend you to add a little to try, and those who eat spicy food should not miss it.

This is entirely to make up for insufficient vegetables and protein!

You can order soup powder or dry powder according to personal habits. I prefer dry powder, especially in summer. On the one hand, if you can add chili, you don’t have to worry about the problem of not being able to drink the soup. It’s purely a personal preference. This is the big bone soup they make. They have to make a big pot every day. It will not feel uncomfortable after drinking. If the soup is not enough, you can ask the boss to add soup until you don’t want to drink it.

The main body of rice noodles with sour bamboo shoots, capers, fried soybeans or peanuts, and important soul brine sauce (this is their exclusive secret recipe, usually made with Chinese herbal medicines), it tastes a bit chewy and smooth Shun, plus the richness and refreshing taste of the side dishes, with a little sour sauce, it can lift the appetite, like I will add a little black vinegar, the sour taste is very refreshing.

When the normal taste is halfway through, it’s time to add chopped pepper and chili oil. Please add as much as you need. You can add a little bit to see if it’s spicy, otherwise it will be embarrassing if you can’t eat it anymore. Mainly the aroma, the spicy of the chopped pepper is heavier, and the end is a special enjoyment. When paired with the big bone soup, it is a satisfying meal. I almost forgot the crispy roast pork, the typical crispy outside, tender inside, without any The fishy taste, a little bit of burnt and crispy taste, when chewed, the fusion with rice noodles is a different taste.

I don't know when I will eat a bowl of Guilin rice noodles next time! By the way, the boss wife is very kind and likes chatting with customers, and will come over at any time to care about whether to add soup, haha.


Qianlixiang Guilin rice noodles

Address: No. 22, Ancheng Street, Xindian District, New Taipei City, 231

Phone: +886973227627


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