Any player going abroad to compete must give them the greatest support and encouragement.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics has ended, and the relationship of the epidemic will be postponed until July to August 2021. During this time, it is still very difficult for every country. Even if the vaccine is developed, it will be used to a certain extent. Proportion of the number of people, but it seems that it has not actually effectively suppressed the spread, and it also caused this Olympics to be a very different game from the past. Whether it is a decrease in the number of contestants, or a live game without spectators, it can only Watching the game online is something you could not imagine before.

The audience at the scene is a great encouragement to the contestants. Hearing the voice of cheering for oneself is a great support that can increase the state and courage. It is a pity that this time they can only be done by the players themselves. They are actually quite brutal. Lonely fighting for medals, even if they are very good at a certain field of sports, but this Olympics they represent not only individuals but improved to the country, this is the result of most people's view of the Olympic Games, you represent the country , To have a sense of mission and honor.

These are great pressures for them. In addition to being good at this sport, they may also like it so that they can stick to it. Even though they seem to have a lot of expectations and eyes, I never think that our audience has any qualifications to talk about them. They even blamed them, no matter what grades they got, they worked hard and insisted on completing it, believing that the saddest person is themselves, not us.

If you have the skills, why don't you go to the Olympics by yourself? Do you know how much time, energy and effort they need to practice in order to participate in the Olympics or any competition. Can you do it? It's easiest to just speak out. Why can't you support and encourage them positively? Would they be happier if you look down on them or blame them? If you can't watch it, just don't watch it.

If they can participate in any competition, it means that they have a certain strength. This is not easy. I believe that if you challenge them, you must be slammed by them, so we only need to give them support and encouragement. Everything else is fine. Needless to say, because they are the ones who paid, not us!


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