Why is the environmental experience of online games reduced to such a poor situation?


Why is the environmental experience of online games reduced to such a poor situation?

The evolution of game equipment has undergone many changes. From early video game consoles, handheld game consoles, computer games, and mobile games, various game devices and modes have been born. Whether it is a stand-alone or a team, it appears on every type of device, and since the start of the Internet era, the popularity of online games has increased a lot. From the early games, Heaven, Dragon Race, Maple Valley, Ragnarok RO, the representative World of Warcraft behind, etc., all online games flourished in Taiwan.

When playing these online games in the early days, except for a small number of people who did not behave very well, most of the people who played them were very friendly. As long as there are questions in the game, you can find unfamiliar peers for consultation. Everyone is quite willing to answer and assist, and there will not be too much excessive language or behavior. Even after you make some netizens on it, you can become friends in real life. It seems that people get together because of the game. It seems to be less unfamiliar and revolutionary. It's quite an interesting situation.

Later, the smashing League of Legends appeared, and a new industry of e-sports career was born, so that some people who like games can also shine in this area. This type of game has the idea of ​​a fast game, a sense of operation, and agile thoughts. It attracted a lot of young people to play at once, and even took a certain share in mobile games later, but all the chaos started from then on.

The experience of the game is actually a very important part. I believe that an important factor for everyone in playing games is relaxation. In order to have a little breathing space in the busy life, they can play games easily and happily without stress. But the environment of the game has become very chaotic. There is no peace and comfort in the communication in the game. There are only endless quarrels and verbal abuse. Otherwise, you just quit and give up the game. In addition to disgusting teammates, it is a waste of everyone's time. In today's MOBA games, it is staged all the time. People with bad mentality don't need to play games at all. Going up directly makes your mood even worse for the day.

Why everyone’s psychology is so impetuous? In fact, I personally think that the words and performance in the game also represent what kind of person you actually are. Even if you think it is a game, there are virtual characters and names on it that don’t mean anything. , But in fact the corresponding person is you, which reflects your mental state. No one is a genius game player, they all need to grow and learn, just like real life, they all need to advance step by step, it is also another kind of social and group activities.

No matter how fun the game is, it will lose game players because of the relationship between people. In many cases, the focus is not on the game itself, but on the people, which is an indicator of whether a game is fun and fun.


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