New Korea Variety Show-JTBC Petkage.Let's travel with pets!

JTBC’s new variety show 【Petkage】 will premiere on August 26, 2021. The regular actors include Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, Girls’ Generation Taeyeon, Kang Kiyoung (actor), and Hong Hyun Hee (come actress). Respect for personal preferences The individuals mentioned in travel should be pets rather than humans in the actual sense. The theme of this show is that pets travel with their owners.

In recent years, the issue of pet-friendliness has gradually attracted the attention of the public. Many families may not have children but will keep pets. Pets are treated like children, while ordinary families can also travel with children, but pets are not. So convenient. Although there are a small number of public transportation vehicles that are open to carry pets, it is still not so convenient.

Not to mention some scenic spots or restaurants. As a result, the owner can’t bring pets and worry about their lives when traveling. They either ask their family to take care of them or send them to a pet hotel. They also indirectly bind many itinerary arrangements, and they can’t put them outside. easy. Petkage is to introduce some places where you can travel with pets, whether it is eating, drinking, playing, or even lodging, where pet owners can stay together.

Among them, the most surprising thing is that I can bring my pet on the plane. It is not a check-in method. It also has a separate plane seat to sit with the owner to spend the flight process. It is really awkward, although it is only a Korean one. The flight segment is also a big breakthrough.

Personally, I think the subject matter is OK, but the richness of the content is a little bit worse. If it weren’t for Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation, I guess it wouldn’t be enough for me to finish watching the first episode. I feel that the awkwardness of the actors is a bit obvious, and there is still no good chemical effect. In addition, the content is a little flat, and the rhythm has not been explored. Is it worth chasing?



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