The confusion of youth, meet Marilyn Manson's music!


The confusion of youth, meet Marilyn Manson's music!

I still remember that when I entered high school, I was very confused, because my intention was to go to higher vocational schools. Whether it is grades or volunteers, I can meet my goals. However, the atmosphere of higher vocational schools was different from that of the current society. Students who love to study or have a bad family environment will be treated with a strange perspective. Even though many people are serious about learning what they are interested in, the social environment is like this.

Later, they followed the wishes of their families to go to high school. They also spent a lot of time and effort. They also have their love for their children. They always hope that their children’s future is good. It’s just that the two sides have different ideas. It’s hard to comment on it. And wrong, it’s just that I’m very confused. After all, I don’t particularly like studying, especially the feeling of studying for exams. It’s something that I hate very much. I think learning is personal Interested in reading, rather than a duck-filling teaching method, this will consume a lot of imagination.

At school, it’s a bit like a walking dead. I have to take a car back and forth 3 hours to go to school every day. Sometimes traffic jams may take 4 hours. If it weren’t for the opening of the Muzha MRT, it’s not so hard to squeeze the bus. I see it every day Did you understand the book? It looked at me and I looked at it. Everyone’s eyes widened at each other. The psychology is actually quite exhausting. The more you study, the less self-confidence you feel. The sense of powerlessness is very heavy!

At the time, my classmates recommended me to listen to Marilyn Manson’s songs. I was attracted by their heavy metal rock music. The wanton style and loud treble were just helping me to relieve stress. It's like yelling out the problems in schoolwork from the bottom of my heart. At that time, I will turn on the music loudly when no one is at home, and put it in that environment, otherwise I will listen to the loudly with earphones. The volume of the family members next to him is loud enough that they can hear them, so that they can have a feeling of liberating the body and mind.

Fortunately, I only listen to the melody of the music, and didn’t know the content of the lyrics. In fact, the content of their lyrics is very dark. The lead singer has done a lot of things that can be said to be shocking, but in which era they are very popular. The popularity of the world has caused their current evaluation to be very bipolar. Sometimes there will be scandals of lead singers. In fact, I still listen to them occasionally, but I still don’t read the lyrics as before (in fact, their songs have some kind of A degree of brainwashing), resulting in lost youth.


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