Miaoli high-speed train transfers to Fengfu Railway Station. In addition to desperate running, the transfer also depends on luck.

Fengfu Railway Station

Sometimes when I go back to Miaoli, I will take the high-speed rail back and forth, especially if I go back alone. This is a bit more convenient. Then I invite my family to the station to pick up and drop off. So I have never tried to transfer to other means of transportation, such as trains, buses, or taxis. There is this option, but I don't think it is very convenient. If no one has time to pick up and drop off, maybe I won't go back.

The fengfu station that was built next to it. Actually, I didn’t know it was a station. I thought it was a special building. The lights would be turned on at night. Why should I build this thing in this suburb? Later, I heard from my family in Miaoli that it was a Taiwan Railway Station.

I also prayed that I would not be able to use the rich station for a day, so I had the opportunity to go to Tainan for a special reason. My family hoped that I would go to Tainan after meeting at the Tongluo station (clearly I can take the high-speed rail directly) I went to Tainan), which caused me to step into an unknown area. Only the train can roughly meet the elements of the transfer, that is, the time between arrival and departure will not be too long, and the connection will be available when there is time (the psychology is very disturbing. ), the journey from Miaoli High Speed Rail Station to Fengfu Station Railway Station is about 400 meters. I also specifically called to the high-speed rail to ask if the connection time and method can be in time for the transfer. The high-speed rail service staff said that it may be possible but can’t guarantee Yes, I have a chance to walk faster. It will not relieve my anxiety at all to hear it. On the contrary, I will be more disturbed. If I don't transfer to the train, I will have to wait more than half an hour for the next train, which is very embarrassing!

Fengfu Railway Station

When the high-speed rail arrives at the station, you must start to get off the train. Stand to the door as soon as possible and wait for the door to open. Once you open the door, you must quickly pass through the crowd in front. All obstacles in front of you must be cleared. It is a very extravagant thing. You have to get off the escalator and quickly go to the ticket gate and swipe your card to get off the escalator. The escalator can't wait for it to go down slowly. You have to go down by yourself. A total of two escalators have to go down. Then go to Exit 5 (next to FamilyMart's convenience store), continue to go straight through the connecting passage between the two stations (why not go directly to the overpass from the 2nd floor?), after swiping your card to enter the station, walk to the second floor Wait for the train on the platform to complete this journey.

It's like entering a fighting situation. There can be no errors or mistakes in the middle. Walking slowly has the risk of not catching up. It must be close to the jogging speed. If you are still pulling your luggage, you can only tell you to be psychologically prepared. If you haven’t practiced, just give up. The train is not a good way to connect. You can find other means of transportation. The time and distance are very unfriendly. There is only about 10 minutes for you to walk to the platform and transfer to the train. When I got to the platform, I was sweating profusely, and I was dumbfounded, and I never wanted to do it again. Can't they lengthen the transfer time? Or make a link flyover? Although there are not many people who take the train, since you have set up this station, can't you plan better?


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