Accompanying music for youth-Linkin Park, vent the pressure from the roar!

One of the favorite rock bands, Linkin Park, which will never be absent

Linkin Park Union Park is a rock band recommended by one of my high school classmates. They became popular during the time of my high school. In our era, it was a hell of reading since junior high school. It was not a 12-year education system and had to take exams. High school, so every parent from junior high school has to lie to their children that they will be a little easier after taking the exams for a good high school, but you don’t know that when you really enter high school, it’s the next round of speech, and you also recognize the facts. Being deceived is the hell of studying again. This time is to tell you that you will be relaxed after studying hard and taking a good university. In fact, good communication means bad?

Um~ After I entered high school, I discovered that it is really hell in hell, especially the school atmosphere is that reading is supreme. Physical education classes are also for other subjects. At any time physical education classes will disappear inexplicably, and then fall into exams or addiction. In the reincarnation of the class, it turns out that physical education is the time to be redeemed. Even if you don’t exercise, you will be touched by physical education.

Exercise is a way to vent and relieve the pressure of reading. It seems rare to find a way to help me open the class schedule. Then I can only find a way to relieve stress from other places. That is, listening to music or rock music can express my heart. At this time, classmates The one that recommended me happened to be Linkin Park. I couldn’t help but fall into it when I heard it. The lead singer Chester’s singing seemed to penetrate into my heart with a roar and roar. Whenever I heard him go up to the high pitch, I felt a sense of refreshment and seemed to be stressed. Can rush out.

The speakers should be turned on to the loudest, and the headphones should be turned on to the extent that people next to them can hear. The whole person is immersed in it and merged briefly. It seems that he is me and I am him. This world is so fucking unreasonable, even if It’s not suitable to listen to this kind of music when I’m reading, but I can rely on this music to spend my homework or reading time, maybe without this kind of exciting music, I can’t sustain it.

Although something happened at Linkin Park and the most important soul is missing, they have been with me for a long time in the past. Even if there may be no new albums or songs in the future, it doesn’t matter. They will still keep countless classic songs. Let me listen and aftertaste!


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