My youth has the Swedish band Roxette!

Swedish band Roxette

When I opened Spotify recently, I suddenly thought of the Swedish band Roxette that I used to listen to. They are a combination of two people (one male and one female), Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson, thinking I said that I haven’t listened to their music for a long time. I used to play their CD albums almost every day. When I was in middle school, I was a partner who accompanied me to do homework or read books. Back then, one of the best middle school classmates introduced me to Roxette. He also lent me a very precious CD album, which made me fall in love with this orchestra as soon as I heard it.

At that time, it was not as developed as the Internet. It was not easy to learn more about them. At that time, CD albums were a very expensive luxury item, not something students could easily buy, even if they bought a CD at home. Players, at that time, I still had the most cassette tapes. After hearing their music in junior high schools, they had been popular for a long time, and I knew how big our information gap was and where it was as convenient as it is now. When you open it at any time, you can absorb the latest information. .

You ask me what kind of music they are. I really can’t tell, but it sounds right. The tone and melody are very soft and beautiful. It is a kind of medicine that can soothe emotions. The irritable mood will be under their music. It's a lot of relaxation, and I can finish my things quietly. Don't talk about the lyrics. At that time, no one knows what the lyrics are saying. Listening to it is a feeling.

It was only in 2021 that the original female lead singer Marie Fredriksson passed away due to illness in 2019. After the 2016 concert tour, she withdrew from the music scene because of her health. It is a pity that we can’t hear them anymore. The album was born, but listening to their past albums is also a kind of nostalgia and enjoyment. They left many popular songs. Even if more new groups appear in the future, at least for me, Roxel will not disappear. They are the spiritual food that accompanied me through the student period in the past. They are songs that the more I listen to, the more patience I listen to, to Roxette! (I almost forgot to return the album to my classmate back then, because it was so nice, until my classmate urged me to pay him back)


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