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Xianglan Cafe,It has a coastal view cafe.

Between Fulong and Sandiaojiao Lighthouse is a not-short stretch of coastline. Driving along the highway with the wind blowing and looking at the sea, smelling the smell of coffee (an impossible thing, purely a fantasy in my mind), I will pass by a house. Pandan Café, in front of it is the coastline, it is a pity that the height can be higher and the view will be better.

In fact, we will stay here for two reasons. One is to find a place to sit and have a drink. The other is that there is an impression in my mind that this cafe seems a bit famous. Many sports cars meet on weekends or special times, and they are used to finding a place as a rest or meeting point. Pandan Café seems to be one of them. I don’t know where I’ve seen the video or the photo. A row of sports cars parked in front of the cafe and took a photo with the cafe. I just came in with my impression to see what’s special, but it was a pity that there were no sports cars on the day, but it was still Quite a lot of luxury cars. (The number of parking spaces is large)

Xianglan Cafe,It has a coastal view cafe.

Xianglan Cafe Menu

The space in the store is quite large and there are a lot of seats, but some seats are too close to each other, and they are not so comfortable to sit. The environment is quite noisy when full of people, without the comfort of a coffee shop. And when there are many customers, there is basically no service, and there is a minimum consumption to order a drink or a light meal (not counting snacks).

The price can be expected to be slightly higher. After all, there are basically no other restaurants or stores near this place, and there is not even a convenience store. Although all their meals are cooked to order, the waiting time is very long. I saw that the guests who arrived earlier than us sat for a long time and were still waiting for the food. In addition, when they went to the counter, no staff came up to greet or greet you. The service is really poor experience.

Xianglan Cafe,It has a coastal view cafe.

Xianglan Cafe,It has a coastal view cafe.

Therefore, we can expect that we will walk to the counter after choosing the drinks and meals on the seats. Without the help of the service staff, we watched a lot of the tables are clean and there are no meals, so we just gave up and left. There really is no reason for us to have to eat and drink here. Regardless of whether the food is good or not, the environment is actually quite ordinary, only the geographical location can see the relationship between the coastline, will attract people to stay, whether it is good or not, it will be different!

Xianglan Cafe

Address: No. 5-1, Xianglan Street, Gongliao District, New Taipei City 228

Phone: +886224992228


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