Tainan attractions-Tainan Art Museum second Hall, many people come to take pictures and check in!

Tainan Art Museum second Hall

The Tainan Art Museum has one and two halls. The two are about 5 to 10 minutes away on foot. The architectural styles are completely different. One is the historical transformation of the building in the past, and the other is the appearance of modern style. Each has its own characteristics and culture, so there is no Good or bad, and more importantly, whether the inside information and cultural connotation can give tourists a sense of identity.

The exhibition of the museum can improve the living standards and literacy of the citizens, and it also adds a place for daily activities of the people, which can show different appearances including history, culture, and life. In fact, it is also one of the indicators of whether a city is prosperous and progressing. Even if many people do not understand or cannot understand the meaning of certain artworks, they still have a great effect on the cultivation of the concept and construction of beauty.

After talking so much, I didn’t go to visit the Tainan Art Museum, because I didn’t have time. It was already night when I arrived in Tainan. When I passed by, I saw this building with lights on, and I stopped consciously to take a photo and watch the night. The museum then imagines how it feels during the day. Is it changing the style and atmosphere along with the day and night?

The overall building is white. White can be a good canvas. You can make many different changes on it, just like the lights at night, but it can also easily look dirty, so when you pass by the next morning, the first The thought is whether it will be difficult to clean and clean, the exterior wall will look old when it gets dirty, especially how can an art gallery have such an image in front of the public, how can it face people who come to take photos like this? Haha!

The number of people in the museum is not clear, but you can always see people taking pictures next to it, both during the day and at night. In fact, this is another benefit. At least the first step is to attract people’s attention. In fact, the museum must follow It’s good for the masses to have a sense of intimacy, because most people still have a sense of distance with the artwork, thinking that they will not understand and give up watching it. It is very important to be close to the crowd so that there is no sense of rejection. Tainan Art Museum hopes that the local Tainan citizens can make more use and enjoy, so that more good works will be attracted to the exhibition in the future.

Tainan Art Museum


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