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Du Hsiao Yueh restaurant Original Store

After eating dinner in Tainan Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, I walked slowly back to the restaurant and exercised to help digestion after cooking. I kept watching around on the way to see what snacks could be eaten nearby. One of my goals was to eat. It's iced, but when I passed by, I found that the ingredients were all sold out, Can Nian! I had to continue to search for the next destination. As I was getting closer and closer to the FuWard Hotel in Tainan, I found that there seemed to be a bright sign shining in the distance, and I took a closer look at it. It turned out to be Du Xiaoyue Danzi Noodles. !

Go back to the restaurant and prepare for the state of mind, body and soul. It is necessary to fight for the food in the future. Otherwise, it is rare to come to Tainan. It would be ashamed to not eat until you can’t eat it. Go straight and enter the gate of Duxiaoyue Danzi Noodles, and then it turns out that this shop is the original shop, which is also the legendary main shop.

In a small shop, there are very few seats on the first floor with less than 15 people, and they are all crowded together. There is still room on the second floor, but it’s more flavorful if you sit on the first floor and watch the noodles being cooked at the door. Well.

Du Hsiao Yueh restaurant Original Store

Du Hsiao Yueh restaurant Original Store

There is another sale of their homemade Yacht brand minced pork. This minced pork is basically the essence of Xiaoyue. The difference between whether or not it is topped with this minced pork is very big. There is a feeling that this is the same as that of Xiaoyue. You can also enjoy its minced meat aroma when you buy it yourself.

Du Hsiao Yueh restaurant MENU

Tainan’s centuries-old brand started from 1895 to the present day. It’s really not easy to pass on to the fourth generation. Not only does the taste need to be preserved, but some people want to inherit it. Their menu is also very simple, some cold dishes and snacks. In addition, the most important Danzi noodles, it seems to be good for supper, the portion is not too much, and the price is of course not cheap.

Du Hsiao Yueh restaurant Original Store

Du Hsiao Yueh restaurant Original Store

This noodle cooking area is the most classic design configuration of Du Xiaoyue. The Taipei branch also has this configuration. Everyone likes to see the nostalgic feeling. A small pot is cooked with minced pork and marinated eggs, and a small pot next to it is cooking noodles. With the soup base, they used to carry a pole and sell it everywhere along the street. Now it is a symbolic meaning.

danzi noodles

A small bowl of Danzi noodles, the composition is very simple, noodles, minced pork, braised egg, shrimp, coriander, and scallions, the taste is not bland, it is very salty, the minced meat is very delicate and not greasy The taste of marinated eggs is also very good, that is, it is very empty after the portion is eaten. Boys can't fill their stomachs. What they eat is just a feeling. The taste of ancient times, in fact, many of them are not necessarily made. It's just that it is a hundred years old after all, and it always has to make a pilgrimage.

minced pork rice

People who like to eat minced pork rice will be very excited to see this minced pork rice drenched with minced pork, there are no ingredients, don’t worry that the rice will not get the sauce, but the feeling after all is thirsty Ah, I was drinking madly afterwards, and I was almost full after drinking water.

I counted the number of times I overeat Xiaoyue. At that time, there was no branch in Taipei. I ate at Du Xiaoyue in Tainan. Later when he opened a branch on Yongkang Street, he always gave up eating at the last minute. Those who step into the door with one foot and then leave to eat other restaurants, its characteristic is Danzi noodles, which is the most memorable point of Danzi noodles, but it is a bit uneconomical, on the contrary, it makes me feel that I have eaten it. That's it, without the feeling of having to eat.

Du Hsiao Yueh restaurant Original Store

Address: No. 16, Zhongzheng Road, West Central District, Tainan City, 700

Phone: +88662231744


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