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There is a Xiao Du egg noodles next to the Youai Market. It is either a crowd waiting in line to order food, or a crowd waiting to take out. Every seat is full of people, and some people just wait next to the guests who are about to finish eating. Location, the closer you get, the more you will be attracted by it. With full curiosity, I want to see why everyone is queuing? What kind of special dishes are they still cheap?

Many people have a bowl of dried egg noodles(yi mian) in front of them, accompanied by a bowl of soup and side dishes. Watching them gulp and eat, their saliva will be left behind. This traditional Taiwanese snack looks nothing, but it tastes very satisfying. Look Simple cooking is more difficult and delicious. There are so many people that this is in line with the taste of the locals. Shouldn't we just try the dishes that the locals like? Because it doesn't look like a small shop where tourists come to eat.

At first I saw that the price of noodles was not much cheaper than Taipei. I thought the prices here would be slightly cheaper, but the soup prices are all at the same price, and there is also a limited and rare bone broth. I am happy to think about it, and I am dreaming. In addition to ordering noodles and soup, what kind of braised side dishes should I order? After I was elected to order noodles and soups for those who are going to order, I was looking for a place to sit down, and then it was time when my mood fell to the bottom. Suddenly My colleagues said to eat somewhere else, it feels like it’s nothing special. I was swearing in my heart. I agreed to eat here as well. Besides, I saw that there were not too many people in line, even the seats. When I was about to wait, I came to say "Let’s change place to eat. It’s about to explode. All the waiting and anticipation in front of me have disappeared. If I miss this time, who knows when I will come next time!"

Looking back at Xiaodu's pasta, leaving with a feeling of reluctance, listening to the happy voice of the dining guests is even more dull, alas~ life!

Tainan Xiaodu egg noodles(yi mian)

Address: You'ai Street, West Central District, Tainan City 700

Phone: +88662208979


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