Tainan West Central District,Youai Public Retail Market-daytime vegetable market, late night canteen

Tainan West Central District,Youai Public Retail Market

On the way from the Fuward Hotel Tainan to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, I took the map provided by the hotel and walked in the streets and alleys. I didn’t choose the fastest route. After determining the approximate direction, I wandered around and enjoyed the taste of walking in the streets of Tainan. Wherever there will be the smell of food, you will see many people waiting in line to enjoy it, or suddenly discovering that it is a well-known small shop on Google Maps, it is a very interesting experience.

Walking on the streets of Youai Street, thinking about whether the people living on this street are very friendly, I saw the lights in the Youai Public Retail Market are still lit at 6 to 7 in the evening, why are there still people at this point in time? What about in the market? There were laughter and laughter. What fun things were hidden inside, people gathered in the closed vegetable market. It turned out that there were a few small vendors inside, selling dinner and snacks.

Seeing some people sitting in front of the bar and chatting with the boss, or a group of friends sitting at a table, chatting, eating and drinking, it seems very relaxed and comfortable. Regardless of whether the food is good or not, the atmosphere feels very good. If the food is delicious and delicious, it would be too happy. This place seems to be different from the noisy vegetable market during the day, but it is in the same place. The faint yellow light in the deep penetrates through the street and emits. Inexplicable sense of mystery, there is a kind of magic that attracts people to walk in.

Maybe I want to find a place to sit after get off work, or I want to chat with friends after eating. This is a hidden little world, allowing people to escape from the outside world and live in another space. After releasing the pressure, come out and return. In the real world, maybe both body and soul can take a breath!


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