Tainan Attractions-Zheng Chenggong Ancestral Temple,Third-Class Historic Site in Tainan City

First of all, I have to admit one thing. I was not attracted by the Zheng Chenggong Ancestral Temple, so I didn’t even enter the gate, but was attracted by the red lanterns. I wanted to see why there are so many red lanterns, and then I found out that it was originally here. It’s the Zheng Chenggong Ancestral Temple. If it weren’t for this lantern, there’s a high chance that you would skip it directly when you passed by. The most was just a glance. Otherwise, there are really too many temples in Taiwan, and you won’t go in to worship or learn about it every time you pass by, especially The Zheng Chenggong Ancestral Temple is a bit changed from a family temple to now open to visit.

Zheng Jing, the son of Zheng Chenggong at that time, was established to sacrifice to his father. Later, after the changes of the times, he also renovated several times in the middle. Finally, the Zheng family raised funds and renovated, and then opened to the public. It is also a very rich experience. The temple is now designated as a third-class historic site in Tainan City.

Every year in the lunar calendar from December to February, the Spring Festival to the end of the Lantern Festival, Zheng Chenggong Ancestral Temple seems to hold a lantern festival, and the nearby streets are full of lanterns, especially the big red lanterns. It is really hard not to be attracted by it, but change your mind. I think it seems a little weird to see a large red lantern at night. The celebration is festive but it has an inexplicable feeling. Many people come here with special cameras to take pictures, and they can also take pictures of Lin Department Store by the way.


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