Korean Variety|The great home cook research institute, how to upgrade the taste of the semi-finished cooking package again?

In terms of my personality, this kind of programs where the fixed actors are all male artists will not attract me. I don't even want to watch it. The Yin and Yang are completely unbalanced. But Chong gave it a chance on the face of the theme and food. The regular actors are Kang Hodong, Kim Joon Hyun, and Lee Teuk. To be honest, I don’t like their hosting style very much. I used to find it interesting in the past, but now I don’t think there are too many. The change is a bit fake and excessive.

But I probably saw the introduction of the theme, it was quite attractive to me, even if I don’t know if I will continue to follow this Korean variety show, the theme can give some realistic ideas. Korean food and Chinese food actually have one thing in common is the complexity of the preparation materials, whether it is in the preparation of ingredients or the number of seasonings.

This also discourages some people who want to cook at their own home. Most of the dishes they cook are healthy and nutritious, and the taste of the ingredients can be controlled by themselves. It’s not a good state to order takeout for a long time, and a lot of microwave food or semi-finished cooking packages have been extended, all of which allow people to complete a simple meal in a short time.

The semi-finished package will be better than other options. It helps you prepare all the ingredients. Just follow the steps to cook. Fresh ingredients and simple hands-on operations are the biggest demands. So this show is to take the Mealkit semi-finished food package actually sold in Korea to the scene to the actors and guests to experience and guess, and then process it to see if it can evolve and become more delicious based on the original taste, or something like Presenting new dishes, allowing the audience to follow along.

The guests in the previous two issues were YouTubers from South Korea. Now South Korea occasionally invites some YouTubers with high subscriptions to participate in TV shows. On the other hand, it can also make up some of the videos. After all, Kang Hodong and Kim Jun-hyun are not too young anymore, it is difficult to eat as much as they used to, and it is also difficult to compare with the current eateries.



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