【Boston, USA】Boston City Hall is at the exit of MBTA Government Center station.

Boston City Hall is the seat of the Boston City Government. There are other government agencies nearby. It is the main administrative area of Boston. You can see it when you exit the Metro Green Line Government Center station. It looks quite magnificent. Buildings, but do they look good? This is a free testimony, but under normal circumstances, most people don’t need to go to the city hall, but they will still take a train to this subway station very often. The destination has never been the city hall. A well-known attraction next to it is the target that everyone cares about.

That’s Quincy Market. It’s the main reason why I pass by City Hall every time. In fact, there is a plaza in front of Boston City Hall. The circus has been stationed here for a few months, right? Every time I pass by, I will see this circus but I have never seen it before. Big Apple circus also seems to be a circus with a long history.

This angle is the direction from the Old State House. If you walk from Boston Common to Boston City Hall, it does not take too long. There will be many historical monuments and some department stores in Boston. In fact, it was in Boston in 2012. At that time, there were rumors that they wanted to rebuild the city hall area, because its architectural style made some people look down on it.


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