Which brand of classic popsicle please choose! Yimei Red Bean Jelly Milk Popsicle? Or Xiaomei red bean jelly popsicle?


I haven’t bought or eaten popsicles for a long time. I still remember that when I was a child, the happiest thing to go to a grocery store or a convenience store was to go to the ice store to get a popsicle. Popsicles and ice cream are still very cheap. They are snacks that elementary school students or middle school students can save their pocket money to buy. Later, the flavors have become more and more diverse, and the prices have risen with the tide. It seems that there is no pure happiness.

Later, the appearance of the red bean jelly popsicle also created a craze for a while. Even family members who don’t usually eat ice would buy a box and put it in the freezer. I still remember that I would secretly eat it when they weren’t there. Of course, it was obvious that it was discovered, haha, it is inevitable to be scolded.

After many years of not eating popsicles, I suddenly wanted to reminisce about the taste of red bean jelly popsicles this summer. After I went to the convenience store, I realized that I don’t remember which brand of red bean jelly popsicles I ate back then. It is Yimei Red Beans Jelly Milk Popsicle? Or Xiaomei red bean jelly popsicle? I stand in front of the freezer for 5 minutes and still can’t make a decision. I’m pulling back and forth. Some people will say that children only make choices. Adults want all of them, but I don’t usually eat ice. I still feel that I buy so many to put them in the freezer. Waste.

I also asked the clerk to ask which one is better or delicious. The clerk seemed to be taken aback when he heard that they were all sold well, but she prefers to eat Xiaomei red bean jelly popsicles, she probably doesn’t have one. I thought that some customers would ask this kind of question. In fact, I forgot which red bean jelly I liked when I was a kid, and guess which brand of red bean jelly I bought in the end, and which one do you like to eat? ?


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