Daily Unboxing | Xiaomei Red Bean Jelly Popsicle-Childhood Memories

The red bean jelly popsicle is a taste that everyone in Taiwan will have in memory, especially when it was first launched, it really swept the streets and alleys, whether it was advertising or sales. However, it is not good to eat too much iced food. Children cannot eat popsicles very often, but the magic of popsicles is unstoppable. It is common to see children holding a little pocket money or saving for a few days after school. Money goes to a convenience store to buy a popsicle, of course, there are not as many choices in the past as there are now.

There are two brands of red bean jelly popsicles, but I can't remember which one I ate at the beginning. Therefore, I was in a daze for a while watching the ice store at Meilianshe, and wondered whether to buy Xiaomei or Yimei. This test was really cruel. Don't ask me why I don't buy both. I don't eat ice most of the time. It is not a good choice to buy them in the freezer.

In the end, I chose the Xiaomei red bean jelly popsicle suggested by the clerk. I would never admit that I bought it because it was recommended by a girl, or because it was cheaper. The most important thing is that I have a little impression of Yimei's, but I don't have any impression of Xiaomei. I want to awaken my memories of Xiaomei.

After opening the box, I found out whether the packaging has not changed for many years, or it is so simple and simple. It feels like it was on the market that year, but at most the pictures have become clearer. When you open it and take out the popsicle, the taste is so familiar. The red bean jelly are back. On the outside, you can see a little bit of granular shape, which is the body of the red bean, and it also exudes a light milky fragrance.

After biting it, the yellow jelly are the jellys. The dense texture and the aroma of red beans are quite enough. The frozen jelly taste different from normal temperature. In fact, you can see jelly in many places in Taiwanese ice or sweet soup, but I don't usually order jelly, only when I eat red bean jelly popsicles, I find it delicious. It's not a very solid popsicle that can't be bitten. It enters the mouth softly and densely and quickly melts and spreads in the mouth. It has nothing to do with the past, it is the red bean jelly popsicle in the memory.


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