Food in Xinyi, Taipei, Chishang Mupian Bento (Xinyi store), rich in dishes and fragrant rice


Chishang wood-chip(mupian) bento was popular many years ago, and it is easy to see it. Later, because other types of bento shops have also grown, Chishang bento is not as popular as it used to be. Of course, Chihshang Bento also has many brands, and there are still many branches in the end. This is the Chihshang Mupian Bento chain.

This is also the only choice for our family to eat Chishang bento. Even if there is a closer Chishang bento (other brand), I would rather go to a farther place to buy this Chishang bento, and you can feel the gap. NS.

Chishang Bento (Xinyi Store) may have been open here for more than 20 years, at least in my memory, it has been open for a long time, and the surrounding restaurants or stores don’t know how much it has changed. It still exists here as always. As long as it's time for dinner, you can see a long line of people and the sound of telephones ringing at any time.

The store environment is kept clean and tidy. This is a very important thing for a restaurant. There will be no oily smell or the feeling of stepping on the floor. It is much more hygienic and cleaner than many traditional bento stores. The counter here is responsible for ordering and packaging lunches. Some fried items need to wait for a while after ordering, and they will be taken out of the fried items. Basically, except that the fried items need to be waited for a long time, the other speeds are quite fast. .

You can pack your own soup for takeout. This soup will be slightly different every day, and of course there will be repeated times, but the taste is not bad, and the ingredients inside are rich. So it won’t taste like the water is tasteless

This price has been adjusted several times. The ribs bento used to be within NT$100 and now it has exceeded it. The nutritious bento is a pure vegetable bento, and there is no other main course. The difference between a bento and a special meal is that the bento is the main dish and side dish together with the rice, and the special meal has a larger portion. The main dish and side dish are packed in a box, and the rice is packed in a box.

In fact, there is another reason for eating Chihshang Bento occasionally. The cooking level of its rice is very consistent, and the taste is almost rice-flavored and chewy every time. It will not be soft or too hard. It is a good choice for me who can pick the taste of rice. In addition, the side dishes are also quite rich, which will be slightly different every day, and the taste will not be too salty or oily. The nutritional combination is still a bit more balanced.

  *Friends who like to eat preserved vegetables, remember to ask the clerk. This is only available if you tell the clerk. The preserved vegetables are also good for dinner, slightly spicy and appetizing.


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