CVS Pharmacy, the largest chain drugstore in the United States, is like a small department store.

From CVS Pharmacy

The first CVS pharmacy (chain drugstore) I visited in the United States for the first time was in Chestnut Hill, Boston. It was about 10 minutes' walk from Chestnut Hill station (MBTA), and was mainly away from the original language school. Recently, the school has a shuttle bus to take, so it is very convenient to go around. There is an independent department selling medicines. The other areas are selling daily necessities. It feels like what it looks like except for fresh food and food. They all feel like selling.

Sometimes you can buy the products you want here without going to the next Star Market. It is really a wonderful and convenient thing. Over-the-counter medicines will definitely come here to buy. There are many choices here. In fact, There are a lot of medicines that are very effective (but they still eat a little less). The local people's habit is to buy some stock medicines to deal with common symptoms, such as colds and fevers, which are basically drinking more water and rest. Just take a little medicine, not like Taiwan will go to the clinic to see a doctor.

When I was uncomfortable in the United States, I had some symptoms of colds, fevers or headaches. I just went to CVS to buy Advil to eat. It will soon make you feel better. On the contrary, the medicine is too powerful and makes me feel a little scary. , Haha. Because most of the time I actually don't take western medicine, I really need to rely on this to relieve the symptoms of discomfort.

From CVS Pharmacy

In addition, it is a drugstore. Naturally, it will sell some cosmetics and skin care products. I bought facial cleansers and lotions at CVS, and occasionally buy shampoo and shower gel here. These are not surprising. Come again. There are some children’s toys, snacks and drinks. Even stationery is also sold. I still remember that I bought the folder here. So if you say it is a drugstore or a department store, it doesn’t seem to be a violation. Of course, the CVS in each place will be slightly different, but you can still go shopping, it is a very suitable place for shopping except for the supermarket.


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