I used to get up in the middle of the night to watch the World Cup!

I used to get up in the middle of the night to watch the World Cup!

The 2020 European Cup of Nations finally ended in mid-2021. I have forgotten that it was postponed to this year due to the epidemic. So the previous matches were not caught up, and fortunately, I didn’t catch up with the previous matches, because the latter was just for watching. The semi-finals and the finals feel that they are almost exhausted. Who makes the game time in the middle of the night in Taiwan time? Either stay up all night and watch the game, or sleep for a while and then get up to watch. To be honest, it really takes a lot of time. Only one of his passion and physical strength is not enough to sustain him.

Thinking of the past World Cup football matches, you can’t see it unless you wake up in the middle of the night. At that time, the World Cup was either in the Americas or in Europe. The time difference was almost always in Taiwan at midnight. I still remember when I was a student and had to go to school the next day. If you have an exam, you still have to get up to watch the game even if you don’t sleep. At that time, you can’t disturb your family members. You have to sneak on the TV in the living room and turn the volume down or even mute it. The mood is still ups and downs. Don't make any noise too vigorously, otherwise it will be finished.

Basically, the day is bright after watching the game. It is conceivable that the school must be sleeping to make up for sleep. When awake, it is discussing the wonderful content of the World Football game with the classmates. It turns out that I am not the only one who does this. Many The classmates also get up to watch the game. This may be a way to escape the pressure of schoolwork and give yourself a way to relieve stress.

In fact, whether it is to watch the World Cup or the European Cup every four years, do you say that I am a senior football spectator? The answer is no, just like I also watch NBA games, but I am not very enthusiastic, I just enjoy watching the game, not chasing stars in particular, and this kind of competition between countries can make you feel To the strong atmosphere, especially when the existence of football is like the national football of their country, it is quite crazy, just like Taiwan baseball every time everyone pays attention to it, this kind of international game actually makes everyone divert attention. A good means of strength and relaxation.

You still have to watch the game according to your personal physical condition. Don't force your body. Although the game is good-looking, life is still more important. Especially when watching the game, there must be no shortage of drinks and snacks. So the burden on the body at night is still very large. Don't lose your health for a moment of refreshment.


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