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After someone was diagnosed in the traditional market near the living area, he was hesitating whether to go to the market or go to the supermarket or store to buy fresh ingredients. As a result, the third level of alert began. Even when going to the supermarket, you must look at the end of the ID card. The recent supermarkets are also a bit far away, not to mention the limited number. The family members who live together have double numbers and it is very troublesome. Then online shopping is the best choice of last. There are about two to three weeks of logistics throughout Taiwan. The load is over, and orders from Taipei sellers who live in Taipei may not be able to receive the goods at any time, which is really scary.

This is part of the reason for the delay in placing an order. Otherwise, i3Fresh has been in my bookmarks for a long time, and it feels bad that I want to order but cannot order it. I will go to the official website within a few days to see if the normal supply status is restored, etc. When it returns to 24H, it will immediately place an order for purchase. This speed can meet the needs of people nowadays. The main reason is to plan the purchase time and dishes.

i3Fresh has 24H (Monday~Saturday) arrival in Taiwan and Beibeitao 3H (Monday~Friday). Delivery is not available on Sunday, so please pay attention to the date before placing an order. For detailed order and delivery time, go It’s clearer from the official website. When you send it in, you will pack and distribute the products according to the quantity. After opening the box, you will first see a big bag enveloping the frozen products. On the one hand, it can prevent water from flowing out and delay the temperature rise. After getting it twice, it was still in a low temperature state without thawing. This is a very important part. After all, it is not good for this ingredient to be repeatedly thawed.

*If you are not at home during the delivery time, and no one can collect the goods, you can also choose the family store to pick up the goods, but the time will be longer.

Each item is individually packaged, which is a little cleaner and sanitary. Of course, there may be a more environmentally friendly and safer way in the future. Just pick one and open it every time you want to cook. Generally speaking, the ingredients have no problems with the freshness. It's not bad, but some of the servings will feel different from the imagination. Among them, the thickness of a salmon fillet is incredibly thin.

In addition, there is a small step. After you choose the product and put it in the shopping cart, you should pay attention to the additional product options below before checkout. This will save you a lot of money, and the price of additional products will be cheaper. Many, you can carefully compare whether there is any overlap between the products you bought before, and look carefully at the quantity and price.


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