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Trinity Church

Trinity Church in the City of Boston, located in the Back Bay of Boston, Massachusetts, is a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. The congregation, currently standing at approximately 4,000 households, was founded in 1733.Five services are offered each Sunday, and weekday services are offered three times a week from September through June. Within the spectrum of worship styles in the Anglican tradition, Trinity Church has historically been considered a Broad Church parish.

In addition to worship, the parish is actively involved in service to the community, pastoral care, programs for children and teenagers, and Christian education for all ages. The church is home to several high-level choirs, including the Trinity Choir, Trinity Schola, Trinity Choristers, and Trinity Chamber Choir. The building, designed by Henry Hobson Richardson, is currently under study for becoming a Boston Landmark.From Wikipedia

There are two exits at the MBTA Copley Station in Boston. One exit is at the Boston Public Library, and the other is at the diagonally opposite intersection. After exiting, you can see the opposite Copley square. Boston Trinity Church is in a conspicuous location next to Copley Square, and you can see that it is the kind of presence of a church. (In fact, there is an Old South Church beside the exit of Copley Station) 

Copley Square

What’s more reluctant is that every time I pass by, I don’t have the opportunity to visit it. Otherwise, foreign churches are not only unique in their exterior architecture, but the interior decoration design is also very powerful, especially churches with a lot of history. The Copley Square in front is a very good place to bask in the sun. Usually, people sit on chairs and have a cup of coffee, watching the busy street with people coming and going.

Every Tuesday and Friday, there will be a farmer’s market, which will sell some small-scale farmers’ products or come here to increase the exposure of some products, which is quite interesting.

United States|Boston Attractions|Trinity Church

I used to sit on the bench in front of the Trinity Hall. In addition to waiting for the arrival of my classmates, I also felt a sense of tranquility. But in fact, this is a lively downtown area, and a shopping street is just two streets away. For church buildings or tourists with religious beliefs, they can come and walk here. Every time they see this kind of building, they think how the people built it and what their heads thought. Modern people have to do it completely. It seems that it is not so easy to come out of this style.


Trinity Church

Address: 206 Clarendon St, Boston, MA 02116 USA


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