It's the first time I saw purple cauliflower when I bought it!

Purple cauliflower is the first time I have seen purple cauliflower in my life. When I saw such products appear on the online shopping fresh food website, I directly raised my high interest, and I was very curious about what this purple cauliflower is, which is different from ordinary green cauliflower or What is the difference or difference between white cauliflower? Do they taste the same? The growth pattern is also the same? Is the size the same? Is it an existing variety? Or is it a new variety produced after artificial transformation? There are really many questions in my mind.

Just place an order and buy it back, and see what mysterious vegetables are at the bottom. After opening it, you can see this unique cauliflower at first glance. It is really purple. In fact, it has to be said that the appearance is quite conspicuous, since I have seen that the rest is cooked and eaten. The most important thing is to eat it. According to online information, it is more nutritious than ordinary ones. However, it is not realistic to buy and eat frequently. There are not many, and the price will be higher, just try it.

The color of boiled purple cauliflower will be a little darker purple. It actually doesn’t make much difference when it tastes, just the taste of cauliflower, but I don’t know if it is an illusion or there is really a little difference. It seems to be a bit sweeter, but it is also It may be due to the relationship between the nutrients they are rich in, and it is a good broccoli.

But usually, just eat green broccoli or white broccoli. Although the color is bright and lovely, it is not to the point that it is necessary to eat it. It is almost enough to satisfy curiosity, and the price-performance ratio of ordinary broccoli is better!


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