Religious temple|Songshan Cihui Temple-I used to learn calligraphy here

Religious temple|Songshan Cihui Temple-I used to learn calligraphy here

Songshan Cihui Temple is also a well-known temple in Taipei. Many politicians will come when they have to vote, otherwise the mayor of Taipei will also come on important festivals. It is mainly dedicated to the Golden Mother of Wuji Yaochi Da Sheng Wang Xi Jinmu, referred to as Yaochi Jinmu. Actually, I don’t know much about religion. Most of the time I respect these religious beliefs. For people, this is also a sustenance of the soul. People can still be comforted in this irritable society. 

I still remember that when I was a kid, my temperament was not very stable, and I was an active and naughty child. Of course, maybe this is really my nature. However, my family felt that they wanted me to be a little more stable and stable. At that time, learning calligraphy was also part of the primary school curriculum (it seems that I rarely see children learning calligraphy now), so they helped me sign up for a calligraphy class in Songshan Ci Hui Temple. Isn’t it amazing? Is it unexpected? How they found the calligraphy class here has always been an unsolved mystery, at least I don't know, there is no such calligraphy class now. It seems that since my neighbor and I didn't go to the calligraphy class, I never heard anyone go to it again!

I still vaguely remember that the teacher is an older gentleman. He seems to be responsible for writing all the copybooks to be posted in the temple, so he also has a special studio full of calligraphy copybooks. No matter if it’s on the wall or on the desk, there are calligraphy supplies and copybooks everywhere. At that time, I felt that writing calligraphy was really a torture. Good tool, then open the book to copy fonts.

If you are not attentive or serious, you will still be read by the old man. The happiest time is the rest time and the class time. It seems that there are snacks to eat during the rest time. Otherwise, they would run around in the temple. At that time, they ran up and down, and went to many places that ordinary people would not go, and then occasionally had snacks in the hall, which made me feel happy to think about it.

Religious temple|Songshan Cihui Temple-I used to learn calligraphy here

In the past, Songshan Cihui Temple had a library. Although there were not many books in it, some may be donated books. The update was very long, but it had a large reading room. Many nearby parents register for a reading card for their children. The main thing is not to read the books here, but to come here for self-study. As long as the place is full of students before the exam, there is only the sound of flipping books in the whole room. Quiet is very quiet, but it is a bit scary for me. I can’t stay in it for too long, so I have to run out to do it. Do something else. Although you might expect to get the extra Buff bonus effect, at least it didn't happen to me, you still have to learn more on your own!

Religious temple|Songshan Cihui Temple-I used to learn calligraphy here

With the Four Beast Mountain at the back, the front view is wide, and you can see Taipei 101. Many people also come to worship when they come to climb the mountain. There are also many student athletes who come to Taipei to participate in the competition. It is very convenient regardless of the location or the mode of transportation. It is only necessary to climb a short uphill road from the bottom of the mountain, otherwise it is better to drive up.

Songshan Cihui Temple

Address: No. 33, Lane 251, Fude Street, Xinyi District, Taipei City 110

Phone: +886227261735


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