【Study in the United States】Boston Chinatown

Civility,、Justice、Integrity、humility and A World shared by all. It’s very different when I see it abroad. This is the archway I saw in Boston. The location of Boston’s Chinatown is very convenient and convenient. It is about 5 minutes walk from Boston Common and a bus from South Station. The transfer station is also very close, and the geographical location is also very good in Boston. You will feel familiar when you walk into this area. Chinese signs and text are hung everywhere.

Actually, I myself will come to Chinatown unless there is something special. Otherwise, I usually won’t come. For example, if Chinese students want to eat Chinese food or foreign students want to try Chinese cuisine, I will accompany them. I myself I don't come here to eat. I don't think there is any need to eat Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine in the United States, but few people seem to think like I do.

At that time, I can record the name of the restaurant I've eaten. I don’t know if they are still open. In fact, there are not only Chinese food, but also Hong Kong, Japanese, Vietnamese or Thai cuisine. I’m a bit forgotten, eat. The tastes of the few restaurants I have passed are not bad, although the taste has been adjusted a bit.

I also come here when I am cutting my hair, but I do it every 2~3 months. There is a barber in the semi-underground which is very cost-effective. There is also a travel agency that can only come here if you are looking for a package tour plan. It’s not that I don’t want to join a local tour group, it’s because there is no such tour group at all, because most Americans travel by car or rent a car after taking a plane, and are not participating in the tour group. Most of these are undertaken by Chinese travel agencies. I participated in a three-day and two-night tour in Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York. In my impression, it was more than two hundred dollars, including transportation, accommodation and meals. Tickets were required for additional fees.

In addition, when I go to my classmate’s home to cook, I will come to the Chinese supermarket here to buy some ingredients. Whether it is Taiwan or China, the ingredients are quite abundant, and some daily necessities are also available, but of course the price is not available. Compared with the place of origin, I have not bought anything in Chinese supermarkets except for the ingredients. Anyway, I am not very picky about this kind of daily necessities, and I am a person who can easily accept local habits.

The closer you walk to the streets and areas of Chinatown, you will feel that this place is a bit like another world. The downtown area of ​​Boston across the street does not seem to be the same world. No matter the environment or cleanliness, there is really no other place. , And we dared to walk on the streets of downtown Boston at night, and even ate and drank in the restaurant until we took the last few subways back to our dormitory at close to 12 o’clock, except that we didn’t want to walk in Chinatown at night. Dinner here is a group of people walking together after eating together. That time I stopped at Chinatown at the end of the return journey after participating in the tour group. It was very late at the time. After getting off the bus, I felt very chaotic and nervous until I left Chinatown. I didn’t feel relieved until I reached the Boylston Station subway station in Boston Common. I was very worried on the way, and I held my backpack tightly and did not dare to let go.



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