Yilan Food | Niu Ge xiao chi, Seafood No Menu Cuisine | Local Hidden Shop


Yilan Food | Niu Ge xiao chi, Seafood No Menu Cuisine | Local Hidden Shop

The dining experience this time was really interesting and a bit surprising. There was only one table of us eating in the entire restaurant. When we went there, the door of the restaurant had not been opened yet. We knocked on the door of the restaurant. It was already dinner time? Where have all the people gone? Will you just serve us this table today?

The mystery was not solved until I finished the meal, because my family and I were entertained for dinner. We came to Yilan Suao to visit my dad’s college classmates. They haven't seen each other for a while. When they heard that we were traveling in Yilan, they invited us to Suao to find them.

I waited until the shop was introduced by the elders. This is a restaurant where they often come to eat. Some nearby bosses in the seafood-related industry will also come here for dinner. It can be regarded as their secret base, especially since their familiarity and requirements for seafood are relatively high. It is really not easy to have a restaurant that can satisfy their appetite. Whether it is ingredients or cooking techniques, they must be recognized by them. Will let them come again and again.

Yilan Food | Niu Ge xiao chi, Seafood No Menu Cuisine | Local Hidden Shop

Here is mainly seafood dishes, including sashimi. Suao is next to the fishing port and the sea. The most seafood here is. There is no menu in the store, so I actually don't know how to order. The way of cooking depends on what kind of fish caught on the day. People who come here for the first time are really a bit confused. In fact, the best way is to communicate with the boss. The elders who brought us here are regular customers. They also know seafood very well. They can ask if there is any fish, and then add the cooking method. We will wait obediently to be fed!

The seafood I ate that day was fresh and delicious, and the seasoning was very good. The first priority was to preserve the original taste of the seafood, and then to make the icing on the cake. After we ate and left, the iron gate was closed. It seemed to be a mysterious restaurant. In fact, we have been hesitating to write about this restaurant, but we don’t know which day we will go there for dinner. I hope so. Don't wait too long. For it to consider whether it is necessary to go over to eat a meal and then come back!

Niu Ge xiao chi

Address: No. 187, Renai Road, Suao Town, Yilan County, 270

Phone: +88639903186


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