Life|Songshan|6-star Massage-Taipei Nanjing branch

Life|Songshan|6-star Massage-Taipei Nanjing branch

There are several luxury massage clubs in Taipei. Both the environment and the price are slightly higher than those of ordinary massage clubs. What is the difference? Is there really a question that fits this value? It has always been in my mind, full of infinite question marks. I can’t say that I’m very experienced in massage, but I have experienced a lot of times. I used to go to footbaths or full body massages when I was tired (all serious). The price is really very cost-effective. If you dare to use the price, you can only refer to the massage technique or comfort.

Life|Songshan|6-star Massage-Taipei Nanjing branch

Because of the epidemic, it is only open from 8 am to 3 am, otherwise it was originally 24 hours. No matter what time you want a massage, there is a concept that there is a place for you to go. This time is actually a blessing to my brother. The holiday benefits issued by their company happened to have a 6-star set of gift certificates. He didn’t have much interest in massage, so he gave it to my parents to use it. of. (happy)

Life|Songshan|6-star Massage-Taipei Nanjing branch

Each branch has enough masseurs, this is not easy, whether it is to train these technical talents or time is very high, and it takes a lot of time to train to process and accurate massage, which is also 6 stars. The main reason for the differentiation of Jineng from other massage shops. Many times you have to gamble on your luck when you go to a massage shop, unless you find a masseur that suits you multiple times in the same shop. Otherwise, every time you go to a different shop, you will have the opportunity to step on a landmine, which is why many people will go to the massage parlor they are used to and find a familiar masseur.


Each room has an independent locker for clothes and personal supplies, and a mirror. This is a very considerate service.

single room

It is the first time for us to have a massage at the 6-star Ji Massage Center. Without a familiar masseur, we will give it to the store to make arrangements, just like waiting for the surprise of opening a blind box. The temperature and comfort of the room are good, but the only thing I'm not used to is being massaged by a boy. This is my first massage with a boy, although the strength of the boy will be more sufficient. Another important point of the massage is whether you can press the exact acupuncture points and the strength, rather than just a hard and silly massage, that will only get more and more tired, and there is no feeling of relaxing and releasing the body.

The luck of the day was good. All three of them did a good job. They all pressed the place. They also relieved the fatigue of the body and relieved the muscles. The sense of experience is still good. This first impression will have passed the standard, which will give you the idea of wanting to go again next time.

6 Stars Massage Taipei Nanjing Branch

Address: No. 76, Section 5, Nanjing East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City 105

Phone: +886227622166


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