Food|Zhongshan District|Taipei Nonglai Restaurant, Taiwanese Seafood

Food|Zhongshan District|Taipei Nonglai Restaurant, Taiwanese Seafood

It is not easy to find a place to eat in Zhongshan District (Xingtian Temple area) after work hours. As long as it is a well-known restaurant, no matter which country it is, it is full of cuisine. Not making an appointment in advance is basically equivalent to not being able to eat. The queue time is more than 1 hour, and I really can’t afford to wait when I’m hungry!

My family and I already had a restaurant that I wanted to eat. It was either unfamous or unpopulated, or it was open for business (I learned that I moved later, dumbfounded). I can only find out what other foods I can eat nearby. On the one hand, I have to take into account the nutritional balance, but I also need to be able to eat them right away. It is an instant in-class exam.

You can't imagine how many restaurants I found and how many walls I touched. It was all tears. It happened that I wanted to eat but I didn't have the chance to eat them. Sure enough, is there no relationship between wealth and luck? This time, as always, I did not give a chance. Later, I was so hungry that my family randomly chose a restaurant on the side of the road. It is [Nonglai Restaurant]!

Food|Zhongshan District|Taipei Nonglai Restaurant, Taiwanese Seafood

Food|Zhongshan District|Taipei Nonglai Restaurant, Taiwanese Seafood

The storefront of Nonglai Restaurant is really not small. The two stores are opposite each other. Which one is the starting store? In fact, there is a reason why I didn't want to come in for dinner at the beginning. It feels suitable for many people to eat. Most of the tables are large tables. The atmosphere of the restaurant is also the kind of big dishes. We only 3 people don't know how to order. It seems weird if we order less, we can't finish the order if we order too much.

Later, when I walked into the shop opposite that didn’t seem to be that big in scale, I felt relieved when I saw a few tables like us. The service staff here are all a bit old. They should have been working here for a long time, but their attitude and kindness are both. very nice. I will not force you to order, and I will advise you of the portion size and suggest that you are not ordering enough.

dining environment

dining environment

Food|Zhongshan District|Taipei Nonglai Restaurant, Taiwanese Seafood

This is the first time I have seen award-winning medals, certificates, and trophies hanging on the wall.

Mustard cucumber


Stir-fried sweet potato leaves

Stir-fried cabbage

Pesto squid

The Nong Lai restaurant has a wide variety of dishes, whether it is a variety of meat or seafood. The cooking method is mainly Taiwanese, and there is a little table style in it. It will be more refined! The price is not expensive, and the freshness and seasoning of the ingredients are good. Although some have a little heavier taste, the dishes are normal. Just let you eat a few more bowls of rice.

Taipei Nong Lai Restaurant

Address: No. 1, Alley 11, Lane 147, Section 2, Minsheng East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City 10491

Phone: +886225050891


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