Food|Taipei Xinyi- Wudi Dumplings in Hulin Street

Food|Taipei Xinyi- Wudi Dumplings in Hulin Street

I found out about this store in a very strange way. Although I also saw this store on the news, it was not about food, but social news. In 2019, they let me know about this dumpling shop in the streets and alleys of Hulin because a customer ate hot pot in the basement B1, and then sent to the doctor for carbon monoxide poisoning. In fact, there are still a lot of restaurants and various dishes hidden in the alleys of Hulin Street!

Although there was a little accident, its food reviews are still pretty good. I originally thought it was a chain dumpling shop, but when I went there, I felt that it was a restaurant run by a family. Some of the food looked very home-cooked, but everything was just my guess and not confirmed. (Service attitude is a bit impatient)

Food|Taipei Xinyi- Wudi Dumplings in Hulin Street


Food|Taipei Xinyi- Wudi Dumplings in Hulin Street


Dumplings and noodles are the main dishes of the signature dishes. Turn around and see that there are extra dishes on a large blackboard on the wall, many hot stir-fried dishes that are not visible on the menu. It's Ama's home cooking, so have to wait a moment? Ha ha.

Food|Taipei Xinyi- Wudi Dumplings in Hulin Street


The small dish refrigerator is quite rich in variety.


The self-service seasoning area and tableware, the coolest thing is that garlic is provided.

Braised tofu

The stewed tofu is very tasty. The serving size is also great!




The dumplings are quite solid and full. You can eat them in one bite or in two bites. They are quite flavorful without the sauce, but I like it with garlic and a little sauce. It tastes more enjoyable. The hot and sour soup is a bit of a pity.

Food|Taipei Xinyi- Wudi Dumplings in Hulin Street

Frozen dumplings

Its dumplings are available for take-out and delivery. If you don't want to go to the store to eat, you can buy them and cook them yourself. Sometimes frozen dumplings are very convenient. On the spot, I was considering whether to bring a few bags home and put them in the refrigerator! There are some office workers nearby who come here to have a simple meal. The portion of the pot noodles is really an unexpectedly big bowl. Even the boys will wonder if they can eat it all, and the satisfaction will be very strong.

Wudi dumplings & Wudi grab pot noodles

Address: No. 3, Lane 164, Hulin Street, Xinyi District, Taipei City 110

Phone: +886227252515


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