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When you want to eat Thai cuisine in Taiwan, the most stable, safest and least mine-free Thai cuisine belongs to the Thai town(wacheng) Thai cuisine. The service and meals of this chain restaurant are highly streamlined. The taste is almost the same no matter which branch, there is not much ups and downs. The advantage of this is that customers can visit each tile city with confidence and get the same level of Thai cuisine. The disadvantage is that you can already imagine it in your heart, and there will be no surprises.

Of course, if you choose Wacheng, you don’t need such complicated ideas. It’s just a simple meal that will not be a problem for dinner. When you don’t want to step on landmines and think about what you want to eat, Wacheng is a very convenient place. Good choice. No matter when and where, their business is as good as ever, and the meal time will still be full.

The all-you-can-eat rice is not particularly attractive to me. If it weren’t for their dishes are too good, I wouldn’t order it at all, huh!

There is no shortage of rice when ordering any type of curry. This is a huge pit.

One dish has 3 flavors, and the BBQ itself is not too heavy. It can also be used with two other sauces to change the flavor and richness, which has the effect of relieving greasiness. The only pity is that the temperature is a bit insufficient when serving!

Momo Chacha has an explanation from an anonymous person, which is quite ordinary, and that person feels a bit disappointed as a dessert after a meal. The foundation laid before is not well carried on here, but overall it is a meal that will not disappoint. In fact, Wacheng eats it at least once a year. When you walk into a shopping mall and don’t know which restaurant to choose, Wacheng will be the safe choice, and it can satisfy those who want to change their dishes, the spice of Thai cuisine. The use can escape the common seasoning method without being too abrupt and irritating.

Thai Town Cuisine-Songshan Station Branch

Address: 2nd Floor, No. 11 Songshan Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City110

Phone: +886225281080


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