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There is a Japanese sushi restaurant in the suburbs of Boston. The biggest advantage is that you can eat all you can eat. It is a luxury to eat food from other countries abroad. In particular, Japanese cuisine is not cheap food no matter where it is. Most of the time in the United States, I don’t want to eat Japanese cuisine, and I’m still struggling with the needy foreign students. The high-level information of Yamato sushi all-you-can-eat is circulated in the group of Asian students. Only when you enter the group for a period of time can you obtain this high-level information. It is hidden very mysterious (just kidding).

It's mainly because everybody suddenly wanted to eat Japanese food or sushi. Everyone heard that there was a restaurant where you could eat all you can eat sushi. So I made an appointment with my classmates. Before going there, I had a mental preparation. Don't hug too high. I’m looking forward to it. It’s already a pleasant surprise to eat sushi all-you-can-eat. If you know something about American sushi, you can realize that it is quite different from Asian sushi, and the taste is also slightly different. After all, they don't like to eat raw food too much, and the seasoning is slightly sweeter.

Yamato is not a high-end Japanese restaurant. It can be said to be a bit ordinary to a certain extent, but it can't stand it. It is all-you-can-eat, just to satisfy the appetite and the little luck of the students. There are still many shortcomings to pick. Sometimes raw seafood is not completely deiced, and the taste is not very good, and the freshness of sashimi is average. In addition, the vinegar rice is not too uniform, and the taste of the rice is unstable. Basically, it must be eaten with sauce. (But not necessarily, sometimes it's normal! Someone hasn't encountered these problems)

There is no need to expect too much for the environment and services. I remember that there is no service fee. As long as the meal fee and Tax, if the food requirements are relatively high, it is actually not recommended to go. It is a cheap, all-you-can-eat sushi with CP value. The taste is a bit different from what you get in Asia, or you may not want to go once you go. But for students, it is an option for gatherings! (Look at the restaurant of luck)

Yamato Japanese restaurant

Address: 117 Chiswick Rd, Brighton, MA 02135 USA

Phone: +16177878881

Open Time:

Monday to Thursday 11:30~22:00

Friday and Saturday 11:30~23:00

Sunday 12:00~22:00

Nearest subway station: Chiswick Rd (MBTA Green B-line)


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