Hello Moto! Motorola is the first mobile phone I own.

The company that gave birth to the first mobile phone in the Motorola world is also the first mobile phone brand I have seen, and even the first mobile phone brand I own. The Motorola mobile phone, which was once a glorious moment, has almost fallen. The mobile phone business was sold to Google in 2011 and now belongs to a subsidiary of China's Lenovo Group. According to the information, it seems that it is operated independently by a US company, and Lenovo's shadow is not too obvious.

In recent years, there has been a trend of returning to the smartphone market. From the Southeast Asian market, the market started to move in, and the low-end smartphones entered, and the occasional high-end smartphones were released every year. Models on the market in China are also trending more and more. It is also a happy thing for the former users, and it disappears in the mobile phone market without it. I feel very gratified.

I still remember that when mobile phones first came out, most of them were holding Motorola mobile phones. From brick-sized and medium-sized mobile phones to later flip phones, almost all the trends started from it. Back then, you didn’t need to look for any brand of mobile phone. The most famous one is Motorola. Although its shape is so earthy and inferior, it didn’t have this problem at the time. Only being able to get it is a very fashionable thing. Others will embrace you. With envious eyes. If it were not for the company to provide employees for use, most people would not buy a mobile phone, which is a luxury.

So in my impression, Motorola mobile phone is the best mobile phone brand and the first choice. Even if the mobile phone functions only to make calls and send text messages, they would not normally be used at all, and even only wait for someone to call. The mobile phone charges are super expensive. It's purely cool! Ha ha.

Even my first smart phone gave Motorola a lot of face. It was the Motorola MB525 rugged smart phone I bought. At that time, Apple phones were high-end luxury products. Although it went down after less than 2 years, all functions and batteries fell precipitously. After that, I never saw it have a better product, and directly sold the business. The hello moto once fell like this and can't stand up anymore.

Until recently, I bought a Motorola mid-to-low-end smartphone, not sure if I miss the past or hope it can return to the market again. It doesn’t have a lot of design, and it’s still very rigid, but when I hear the familiar Hello Moto, I feel a little back in the past. In fact, the specifications and functions of the current mobile phones are similar. How can it compete with the current mobile phone brands? To break through some market shares, we still have to watch it quietly.


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