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Kilns are rarely seen, especially in Taipei. Of course, kiln-baked pizza is not counted. It doesn’t need a kiln as big. Just like I only know that Yingge ceramics needs to be fired before they can be turned into finished products. I went to the Yingge Ceramics Museum to see the appearance of the kiln, but it seems to be different from what the charcoal kiln needs to build.

Does the design of the kiln still need to consider aerodynamics and heat flow? I'm just talking nonsense. Looking at the charcoal kiln commentary tablet, I can only roughly understand the process. In fact, many doubts cannot be solved, but there is only a little curiosity, and this question cannot be solved. However, the process of burning charcoal takes a long time, several days in a row, and one to two weeks is required to open the kiln. It was really not easy to use charcoal before.

The wood placed next to it is acacia, after all, this is called acacia charcoal kiln. Generally, the wood made of charcoal is of better quality. Although environmental protection factors now discourage the use of charcoal, and cutting down trees will also destroy nature, these past knowledge and experience still need to be preserved so that future generations can understand how people lived and survived such an inconvenient state in the past. Convenience needs to be cherished and not wasted at will.

Taipei Maokong|Acacia Charcoal Kiln

Address: No. 20, Lane 38, Section 3, Zhizhi Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City 116


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