Maokong|Unknown Food|Shan shang douhua|Passing back and forth are full of queues

On the way to the Zhangshu Trail, you will pass a douhua shop. When I first walked, I saw many people eating dim sum, and there were people waiting in line. The seats were already full. It feels that its business is so exaggerated that more than half of the people passing by will stay here, which is simply a convenient location. Is it really that delicious? Or is everyone just to satisfy the dessert-eating stomach, or is it too hard to climb the mountain to come for a bowl of dessert?

If it weren’t for too many people and I’m not sure how long to wait for a seat, I almost had to queue up, and then gave up and went straight to lunch. Its choice is actually quite simple, that is tofu, mochi, noodles with ice plus common basic ingredients, red beans, peanuts, mung beans, barley, noodles.

Its business hours are not very long, and it is not open every day, but it also responds to the number of people. After all, there are more on weekends here, and poor weather may also affect business hours, so if you really want to eat, you can call to ask. Otherwise, you have to choose weekends and days with good weather, so the chance of being empty will be relatively small. People who seem to have eaten it are very good, it is a choice that can replenish energy!

Shanshang Douhua (Business hours are uncertain in bad weather, please call for inquiries)

Address: No. 22, Lane 38, Section 3, Zhizhi Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City 116

Phone: +886983391098


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