Travel|Maokong Attractions|Tea fragrance pig house, the ancient traditional pig room.

I have never eaten pork, and I have seen pigs walking. This proverb has been spread since childhood, and almost everyone must have heard it when they grow up! But in fact, I really wonder how many people have seen pigs walking. They must have eaten them. Pork is one of the most common meats in Taiwan. But not everyone has seen a pig house, especially in the early days in the countryside, many people would raise pigs next to them, and there would be a pig house, which is not seen today.

A long, long time ago, in my dream, there seemed to be a pig house in my hometown. Later, that location has become a parking lot at home. The taste is really not what you can imagine. Although it is said that pigs love to be clean, sometimes the breeding environment is really unhelpful, and I don't like to go to that place in my impression.

Unexpectedly, there are still early pig houses in Maokong, all of which are built of stone, so that they can withstand the force of their collision. Some are not so good. Maybe they are surrounded by fences. This can also be regarded as a small attraction, suitable for bringing children to see what the pig house looked like in the past.

There is an Arbor selling ice products next to the pig house. I don’t know if he sells hot drinks in winter, but he will put tables and chairs around and inside the pig house. This may actually damage the environment, which seems a pity. It is not clear whether this place belongs to an individual or a public unit, but since it has been preserved, can it be better maintained?

Tea fragrance pig house


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