New Taipei Attractions | Pingxi Shifen Waterfall Park-Taiwan Version Niagara Falls

Pingxi Old Street attracts most tourists every day because of the sky lanterns. Whether they are domestic or foreign tourists, they seem to have to visit at least once in a lifetime. But the Shifen Waterfall next to it seems to have been forgotten in this way, and it has become a bonus spot to make up and pass the extra time. It seems that less and less people go there, maybe it only has a Shifen waterfall, do you think it is too monotonous?

There are many mountains and streams in Taiwan. Small waterfalls are easy to form, but there are actually very few large waterfalls. Shifen Waterfall is a large curtain waterfall, similar to the Niagara Falls in North America, but of course the scale is incomparable. It can be said that it is a reduced version of Niagara Falls, which is quite spectacular in seasons with plenty of water.

Shifen Waterfall does not require entrance fees, and you only need parking fees to drive. It is not particularly expensive, and it is very cost-effective. It does not take 20 minutes to walk from the visitor center to the waterfall. It is a comfortable and convenient journey. The entire trail and the sky bridge have also been arranged and paved. After all, the last time I went to Shifen Waterfall was several years ago. It feels a little different from that time. The whole environment has become much more comfortable.

In the past, it was possible to come here by rail? Or I am wrong! Or have you seen taking photos while standing on the railway?

When I went to Shifen Waterfall this time, it happened that Taiwan was relatively short of water, and the rainfall was the shortest and less in recent years. The water volume of the stream and the waterfall are obviously affected. I remember that the Shifen Waterfall was spectacular last time. The water that was washed down and sprayed up was big and cool, and the spray was also much more beautiful.

The tap switch of a stream was turned off. I really want to turn that switch on to see a more refreshing waterfall. In the past, you could not see the exposed stones of the waterfall, but there are also different styles and atmospheres. Listening to the sound of the waterfall flowing down is also a kind of white noise. It makes people feel bad and can run away with the water and wash away.

Shifen Waterfall

Address: No. 10, Gankeng, Pingxi District, New Taipei City, 226

Phone: +886224958409


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