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 Reflecting Pool at the Christian Science Plaza

Boston is a very good place to take pictures. If you want to take pictures and upload, you must not miss the sights. The day and night have a different feeling. This reflecting pool is too suitable as a background for shooting. There is a part of the Northeastern University College of Professional Studies building and the headquarters of Christian Science Church in the back. This is the Reflecting Pool at the Christian Science Plaza!

It is located behind the Prudential Center. If you get off the MBTA Copley station, you only need to cross the Prudential Center and walk to Belvidere Street at the back to see the fountain and reflection pool. Don't be like every time we go to the Prudential Center back building restaurant to eat the Cheese cake factory and don't take a few more steps, until we go there we find that there is such a beautiful pool at such a close distance.

*You can also get off the bus at MBTA Symphony Station, the distance you walk will be closer, depending on which subway station is convenient.

Christian Science Church - The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston

Reflecting Pool at the Christian Science Plaza

When the fountain is open in summer, you will see many children playing here (there are parents nearby, don’t worry). The scale of this reflecting pool is very large. You can see the reflection of the building from different angles, day and night. It comes out with a completely different style and feeling. If you are not in a hurry, sitting aside and looking at the water can also have the effect of calming your mind. The disadvantage is that it will be exposed to bursts when the sun is big!

We were attracted by the reflection pool and asked our classmates if they wanted to go to the first church of the Christian Science School. As a result, no one wanted to go. They had to stay in the reflection pool and the fountain to take pictures (helplessly).

Reflecting Pool at the Christian Science Plaza

Address: 93-105 Falmouth St, Boston, MA 02115 USA


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