Food|Da'an District, Taipei|2J CAFE, unexpectedly visited a literary atmosphere cafe

In order to consume the embarrassing 2 hours in the afternoon, talking about long, not long, short and not short time, it is troublesome to go home and go out, and I don't want to sit in the car in a daze, or three big boys (with white eyes). On such a sunny day, with a gentle breeze blowing, how comfortable the warm sun shines on my body. I was able to arrange a day’s itinerary well, but it was interrupted by my mother’s genius arrangement. It was such an embarrassing period of time. I wanted to go to Daan Forest Park for a walk, but found that it would be too hot and too sleepy. Forced to search for the nearest cafe in the parking lot under the Jianguo viaduct. It's so pitiful!

2J CAFE is the most convenient and easiest to reach. In fact, I want to choose a place where I can sit and rest. There is no special requirement. It doesn't matter whether we drink or not. We have all had a cup of coffee in the morning. Until I saw 2J CAFE, I didn't hold any expectations or thoughts, but got a sense of surprise.

A two-story single-family building, a small one in this elite area, has not been demolished and rebuilt into a new building. It has also been turned into a very atmospheric cafe, especially under the sun. . It seems to be an internet celebrity cafe!

The few seats at the entrance of the store must be very popular when the weather is good. Stop for a short time for a cup of coffee. I saw customers taking pictures at the door, enjoying a leisurely afternoon.

The clerk would suggest to find a good seat before ordering. After all, even if you add the second floor seats, it is not too much. The stairs to the second floor should go up from the outside, and the inner stairs are only used by the clerk. There is only a toilet on the first floor! (Most of the guests here are mainly women)

Their decoration is a combination of a variety of styles, but it is not very contradictory, a bit retro and nostalgic, some of the tables and chairs inside are not the same set, they are all mixed and matched, and the same table and chair can not be found on the second floor. We in this cafe seemed to be a little out of the group. Except for the three boys on the second floor, all the others were girls. There are reservations, some to come to the party, and some to read books and work or take pictures! Have we stepped into another world? Not only drinks are sold here, but food and dishes are also sold here. The environment is pretty good, the rest is personal impression!


Address: No. 9, Lane 79, Section 2, Jianguo South Road, Da'an District, Taipei City 106

Phone: +886227003783


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