Taipei Half-Day Tour|Maokong-drinking tea + eating + chatting + watching night scenes

Maokong was already a popular attraction when there was no cable car, but it was troublesome to go up the mountain in the early days. Basically, you would not want to go up the mountain without driving. Besides, there was a fixed impression of Maokong in that era. There were tea gardens on it. The tea is all elderly people. Even if there is a restaurant, it’s difficult to really attract young people. Before there was no cable car, I seemed to have only been there once. I still went to have tea with my family and friends. Later, I jumped directly to the era when there was a cable car. This span is still a long time!

It is very convenient to go to Maokong now, but you have to worry about parking when you drive up. If there is not enough space to set up a parking lot, you will find that you are parked on the side of the road. In fact, most of the holiday vehicles are very obstructive to traffic. It is recommended to take public transportation to go there. It’s not too far away from downtown Taipei. It’s a good choice whether you want to come for a day trip or a half-day trip, especially on a clear day to see the scenery and night scenes at night.

The most and least lacking thing on the mountain is the tea house. The signs and maps of the tea house are still well done. Which one are you going to have a headache?

Pay attention to the one-way street time on holidays!

There are still a lot of small vendors, but these are common food at the foot of the mountain or night markets, and they have no special features.

I still remember that I used to hear adults say that Maokong has only two possibilities, one is to have tea with family and friends, and the other is to bring girls on dates. At the beginning, it was very suitable for bringing girls here, and the level of privacy was still relatively high. It is also far away from the city. You must drive up the mountain. Is it possible to do a lot of things? What is the problem of whether to drink tea or not, the focus is not on tea at all, haha! There are so many restaurants in the city where you can eat. Why do you have to go to the deep mountains to eat? Now it has become a leisurely and relaxing spot, and I take my family for a walk and chat.


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