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There are many teahouse restaurants in Maokong. How to choose is really a big problem, especially if you come here once in a while, you can only try your luck, but it shouldn't be too bad. I have heard of the names of a few teahouses, but I haven't actually eaten them, even if I have eaten 1 or 2 before, I forgot it, haha! At that time, when I was young, my relatives brought Maokong to watch the night view for dinner, and the one who had no idea at all was to go home after eating and watching the night view. What a simple child!

This time the situation is even more interesting. There are two roads on the left and right of the Maokong Gondola Station. There are countless shops on both sides. When you don’t know how to choose, you just hand it over to your feet, walk to which shop is at the door, and turn on your phone. Let's evaluate it. Then the two adults didn't want to continue with the match, they happened to be in the Si Ge de dian. The unpretentious decision is mainly about choosing and walking lazily.

After going upstairs, on the right hand side is Si Ge's shop.

The best location is to sit on the side where you can see the scenery. The other side is by the road and there is not much scenery. Of course, there is no way when there are a lot of people. This time I was lucky enough to sit on the side that overlooks Taipei 101. If it weren’t for this, it’s not entirely due to the seats, but the speed of serving dishes is a bit long. The second floor is not full, but the third floor is full of guests, but it will take 30 minutes to wait. Serve? It's really full of question marks. Is this a weekday and not a weekend? You can't be too busy? If it's not for the hot weather, and you are hungry and don't want to walk anymore, you might just leave!

Since this is an area famous for tea, the restaurant will naturally not lack the use of tea to serve dishes, and taste the taste of tea dishes. The tea oil noodles are not bad, the tea smoked chicken is actually ordinary (the special sauce may not be suitable for everyone's taste), the fried egg can't taste the oolong tea taste, and the fried sweet potatoes are quite sweet (but it doesn't seem to be connected to the tea). The cold dish is considered the most ridiculous. It is the last one to serve. How difficult is it to be a dish or the cold dish is the last one. It’s better to look at the scenery more. When the weather is good, the scenery is really nothing. The cooking depends on personal acceptance!

*The attitude of the counter clerk is really not flattering. In fact, she affected my desire to visit again.

Si Ge de dian Tea Restaurant

Address:  2F, No. 33-1, Lane 38, Section 3, Zhizhi Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City 116

Phone: +886229392832


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