Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary EP.29-Wangfushi? Or what attracts attention?

In villages in the countryside of Miaoli, there are not too many companions that Xiaobao can meet. Most of the nearby residents do not have dogs, so it is difficult to meet his kind. Even if you go for a walk, the dogs you will encounter are not able to let them touch and play. Some people have dogs watching the jujube garden and other crops. They are not as clean as the ones raised at home, and there may be some parasites or parasites on them. Germs. It will be transmitted to Xiaobao if you are not careful, and you need to avoid this risk

So sometimes when some stray dogs pass by, Xiaobao will suddenly run to the door, look at the stray dogs passing by, bark twice and try to communicate. The other party will not come close and will run away quickly. The stray dogs here are really stray and will run around in various villages, looking for food and a suitable resting environment.

There is also a situation where Xiaobao will run to the door, that is, when there is a car passing by, an unknown car or locomotive will call a few times to let him go out and have a chance to chase the car, which is quite terrible. Otherwise, when it sees its own car, it will wonder if it is going to take it out to play, and it will watch it very alertly.

Xiaobao's inner drama at this time should be very rich, but occasionally a little lonely and lonely from his back, now it is his active and curious age. I have to learn to have patience and calmness. This is the test of its doggies!


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