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Yangmingshan has been a good place to see the scenery of Taipei since ancient times. There are many places where you can view the scenery of Taipei from different angles in different directions. Behind the Cultural University is one of the places to enjoy the night view, also known as Houshan? There are several restaurants over there that are very well-known. The biggest selling point is the scenery. It is the most pleasant way to sit down and eat and enjoy the scenery!

Chousan is one of them. In fact, this should be the third time I have been there? I used to accompany foreign friends to dinner and watch the night view. To be honest, this place is really suitable for a date. Of course, dinners with friends or family are also very suitable, but I just said that there should be no problems with bringing girls on dates, and it is a place that can’t go wrong.

It is recommended to make reservations by phone in advance when going to restaurants in Houshan. This is a safer idea, especially on weekends, where the popularity will be beyond your imagination, and evenings with good weather are also very scary. In addition, it is best for friends who drive to arrive early to have a chance to park in the parking lot inside. The space is quite limited, otherwise they can only park on the slopes outside. Personally feel that it is not a very good choice!

The portion of the food can actually be seen from the photo. The plate is a bit larger than the amount of the dish, and not every dish is of standard. Like the soup is only warm when it comes up, the ingredients are not many, it looks empty, and the taste is a bit poor. What, not fused together, separated from each other. I can only say that I am full, and the taste is not satisfactory. I don't have a good impression of eating in the past few years! However, eating here is a bit like a bonus, and the scenery is what makes people care and care the most. (Come here for a date and drink a glass of cocktail, what a great atmosphere!)

It has been re-decorated two years ago, so it’s a little bit different. It’s more comfortable for couples, and you can only envy them when you look at them. The only shortcoming here is the power supply lines in front, but this one is helpless and cannot be moved. It will be very obvious during the day, and a little trace will be hidden at night. The scenery is still very open. The direction from here is Beitou, which is completely different from the high-rise buildings in the city. Should the focus be on food or scenery? There is no definite answer, I can only experience it myself!


Address: No. 99, Alley 81, Lane 25, Dongshan Road, Shilin District, Taipei City 111

Phone: +886228623751


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