Yangmingshan, Taipei|Qingtiangang Prairie-Where are the buffalo?

Maybe it has no fate with the buffalo~~! In recent years, the weather has been bad when I went to Qingtiangang, and then I couldn't see the cattle, so I had to go back the same way. With the idea of never coming again next time, leave it to others who are destined! Or does the water buffalo have a fixed SOP process and time. When do they have to eat, when they want to sleep, when they come out to meet guests, and when they hide?

The weather in Qingtiangang in Yangmingshan has changed a lot. It is possible that all of a sudden the sky is clear and the fog is dense, and the temperature difference is also relatively large, so you should prepare a coat for backup when you go up the mountain. If you have not confirmed the weather, it is not recommended to go, especially to see the buffalo. If you just want to walk on the trail or see the prairie, it doesn’t matter.

There is a charge for driving in the Qingtiangang parking lot. Otherwise, you have to walk a long way from the outside or take a bus. This problem is not a problem. But once, I almost got motion sickness when I took the bus to Yangmingshan.

The biggest scenery here is the large grasslands, or in the mountains, and the buffalo that the public most want to see. They have been breeding here for many generations, and they are all placed in the wild. The grasslands are their largest amusement park and their territory. It is the most sensible way to watch them without disturbing their lives.

When the weather is good, come here for a walk, look at the large grasslands and take pictures, whether you are doing sports, adjusting your body and mind, you can also go to nearby attractions, have a meal on the mountain, soak in a hot spring, and many things You can do it, in short, just relax yourself.


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