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I used to have orthodontic treatment when I was in elementary school or middle school. There were not as many people doing orthodontic treatment in those days as there are now. After all, the price is not very cheap. Of course, it is more expensive now. I still want to thank my family for letting me straighten my teeth. It was not an easy decision and idea back then. And I had my orthodontic treatment done at Taipei Chang Gung Hospital, and it was Dr. Liu Ren Wen who helped me.

At that time, he was quite famous. I still remember that he went abroad for meetings and studies several times in the middle of my correction, and then went abroad for further studies. So for a while, I entrusted another doctor to look after my teeth. After the orthodontic treatment was completed, I went back to see the doctor intermittently for a few years, and then I went to China to study. I didn't go back to see it. In fact, I should have gone back for a follow-up visit once a year to check and adjust the fixed maintainer, but I didn't go back for many reasons.

Later, I was worried about whether he would not see a doctor at Chang Gung Hospital, but he never expected that he would still be in Chang Gung Hospital all the time, and even took students for an internship. Therefore, the simple preliminary operation will let the intern do it, and he will handle and guide it at the end, which is equivalent to seeing some students around the teeth. (He is still quite strict with students, but kind to patients.)

In 2020, he finally came out to see a doctor at an outside clinic. He also resigned from his original position in Chang Gung Hospital. He only reserved one night outpatient clinic for one day, and spent the rest of the time at the outside dental clinic. In fact, a few years ago, I jokingly asked him when he would go to the dentist's office outside, hahaha.

The environment in the clinic is more comfortable than that of the hospital, it does not feel like a hospital, and the field of vision is very wide. There are large floor-to-ceiling windows in both directions, and when the weather is good, you can still see the sky and clouds. It will not be so dull and the mood will not be so depressed. After all, going to the dentist is very scary for many people. The other side is facing the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. Isn't it a bit extravagant, I feel that the price of seeing teeth here must not be cheap? In fact, I don't have a big idea about the general dentist's office, because I used to go to Chang Gung Hospital, and most of the teeth were cleaned during the examination. But it's not too scary!

At first, I almost couldn't find the clinic. The location of the entrance of the building was a bit secret. It was in the middle of Junyue Pork Ribs and Soybean Milk Shop. At that time, I wondered if it was the door. It was only after the guard came out to ask. Renyi Dentist sees only Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and other days are closed, so call to make an appointment and arrange a time. Don’t go there suddenly, as it is very likely that you will not be able to see the doctor. 

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