Well-known American restaurant chain|California Pizza Kitchen at Prudential,Boston

In the past, California Pizza Kitchen was introduced to Taiwan. I remember that the first store was in the Village Roadshow Cinema in Xinyi District, but it has now closed. In fact, it is quite a pity, I have tried it a few times at that time, and the taste is still good. The first time I had dinner with my Taiwanese classmates in Boston was at California Pizza Kitchen (Prudential). Ate The Cheesecake Factory).

Its interior style is relatively young and bright, not as dark as The Cheesecake Factory's tones. The meals are actually Western-style dishes, such as pasta or pizza, accompanied by salads. Since the name of the restaurant has pizza, it is naturally the main dish. Just pizza. It's just that each store's practices and seasonings are a little different. There is no difference between good and bad. It's interesting to be able to eat different ways of taste in different restaurants.

In fact, it is quite suitable for a few people to have dinner together. It is good to be able to order more pizzas with different flavors, and then eat them separately. But I still remember an interesting thing when I was eating at California Pizza Kitchen. It's not the first time I encountered it, but I still find it interesting every time I encounter it. In the United States, you must be over 21 years old to drink. When you want to buy alcohol, it is basically normal for the clerk to ask for your ID. As long as he has doubts about your age, he cannot sell you any alcoholic beverages without showing your ID.

And they are not very good at distinguishing the age of Asians, and they almost always ask to see the documents. As long as you order alcoholic beverages, the other party asked me to show the documents after they could not judge, and then looked at me several times after reading it. Whether my eyes are wrong, this sense of vanity is quite good, hahaha.

California Pizza Kitchen at Prudential

Address:800 Boylston St #155, Boston, MA 02199 USA


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