Pickled Chinese cabbage - It turns out that you can easily make delicious pickled Chinese cabbage at home

How comfortable it is to have a pot of meat with pickled Chinese cabbage hot pot in winter. Even if you don’t make hot pot, you can still use it to stir-fry vegetables or make dumplings. There are many ways to cook it. You don't have to worry about how to eat sour cabbage at all, what you have to worry about is not enough. It is generally thought that pickled Chinese cabbage and white meat pot are eaten at restaurants outside. In fact, pickled Chinese cabbage is made at home from the beginning, and the way of making it is not as difficult as imagined. It can be said that it is quite simple to make pickled Chinese cabbage. At least I thought it was difficult before I tried it myself, so I might as well just buy it, but it turned out that it was not easy.

Pickled Chinese cabbage

There are two ways, these two ways are only different from the previous step, the rest are the same. It is to marinate after hot water, or directly add water to marinate. Both methods can be made, depending on personal choice. General families can buy 2~3 Chinese cabbage at a time to make, because this requires at least 21 days of fermentation time (if there is original juice, it will speed up the fermentation speed, and temperature is also an influencing factor).

As long as the ingredients are Chinese cabbage and salt, the recommended varieties of Chinese cabbage are Korean or Northeast. Taiwanese cabbage has a lot of water and is not suitable. Salt is about 2 or 3 percent of the total weight of the cabbage. Fermentation mainly depends on the good lactic acid bacteria of Chinese cabbage itself! Salt is to inhibit mold and bad bacteria.

Because the place where I put it is relatively ventilated, and it is made in winter, the fermentation time exceeds 21 days, and the fermentation time will be slower if the temperature is too low.

There wasn't a bottle that big, so it was quartered. This is also the limit, you can't cut more than 4 equal parts, or simply cut into shreds to marinate.

Place the stalks of the vegetables into hot water for 5-10 seconds, then put the leaves in, do not need to scald for too long, not to cook the Chinese cabbage, this step is only for sterilization and disinfection.

After taking it out, it will soften slightly, squeeze out the excess water and then put it in a bottle, then add 0.02~0.03% salt, and pour in the water that has been boiled with cabbage, or filtered water.

It is best to find a heavy object to press on it, so that the water can cover the cabbage and not touch the air. 


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